A Stick of Colored Wax

For years I have held onto this red plastic tool box that contains a collection my kid's crayons.  I have thought several times about discarding them but never had the heart.  I thought to myself, "what if I need them for something, but what?"  For each new school year I had to buy them a box of crayons I thought this pointless but none the less they needed "new" crayons. I bought the very minimum they would need to craft just the right art project using the basic colors of the 16 pack. In the tool box was 10 or more duplicates of red violet, macaroni and cheese, green and lavender, you get my point.

This gold mine of basic colors got my artistic side excited what if I took these crayons and my flowers and compared colors to see if there would be a color in nature that would be to the naked eye very similar?  So this project took off and I will be sharing each week an image that I composed with my flowers and you guessed it crayons!