Mother's Day Local Flowers

Gearing up for Mother's Day

Last week's heat wave has provided us with a bounty of beautiful flowers.  A nail bitter at times with the heat in the greenhouse reaching 100+ degrees.  Just a reminder of the services we provide:  full service floral design, custom floral arrangements with deliveryBusiness Floral Design Service for work spaces, weddings, dinner parties, birthdays and anywhere only the freshest, local flowers can provide that special touch.
We use only Locally Grown Flowers in our designs and grow our own flowers with organic practices to provide quality and freshness.
We belong to the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers and a contributor to Field to Vase
We are a partner with Slow Flowers and have taken a pledge only to use American Grown Flowers
You might ask why is it important to use American Flowers?  If you are interested in making a difference then I would recommend reading Flower Confidential and 50 Mile Bouquet.  I have a friend that worked in the floral business for many years and her and fellow workers came down with strange symptoms, dibiliating diseases to find out over years they had been exposed to very harmful chemicals used on imported flowers. People don't realize that imported flowers are treated with chemicals before being shipped thousands of miles to the consumer. Please ask your florist where the flowers have came from before your buy!  Eye Opener.